It's Time to Start Elevating Your Organization's patient experience

Communicatient’s patient experience education is innovative and effective. We provide various options including live workshops, weekly animated videos, and several on-demand courses.

Live Workshops

Our live workshops are interactive and can be offered in person or virtually. We offer dynamic workshops on burnout prevention, patient experience, and emotional intelligence/leadership. We also gather data from our workshops and share it with organizations to help them address these topics in a more customized manner.

Weekly Animated Videos

We partner with healthcare organizations and offer weekly animated videos to healthcare providers on using psychology to improve communication with patients, reduce provider burnout, and increase provider emotional intelligence. Each video is short, customized for each organization, focused on a psychological concept, practical, and a call to action for providers. Click here or the image for a sample video.

On-Demand Animated Series

Communicatient has developed many animated series on crucial strategies to elevate the patient experience. Each video is 3 minutes long and provides theoretical and practical insights on improving provider interactions with patients. We offer 5 videos on Motivational Interviewing, 5 videos on the DISC Assessment, 5 videos on Behavioral Science, 10 videos on Social Psychology, and 10 videos on Motivational Psychology. Click here or the image for a sample video.

On-Demand Education

Communicatient also offers our 3 on-demand workshops, as well as individual coaching sessions. Each workshop is interactive and offers participants an opportunity to reflect and analyze ways to reduce burnout, improve the patient experience, and increase emotional intelligence/leadership skills. The data is then used to customize a one on one coaching session to help participants achieve their goals.