Teaching Healthcare Providers
Effective Healthcare Communication Skills

Communicatient Has Partnered With These Organizations:

Live Workshops

Preventing Burnout in Healthcare: For Administrators and Clinicians

A 2 hour interactive workshop teaching healthcare administrators and clinicians about the causes of burnout in healthcare, how to recognize the signs of burnout in healthcare, and strategies to reduce burnout for organizations and healthcare providers.

Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare: Improve Your Leadership and Communication Skills

A 2 hour interactive workshop focusing on techniques for healthcare administrators and clinicians to improve their emotional intelligence. The workshop also shares the DISC Assessment as a tool to improve leadership and communication within healthcare.

The Science of Patient Experience

A 2 hour interactive workshop discussing how behavioral science and social psychology can be used by healthcare providers to elevate the patient experience. The workshop emphasizes both theory and practical techniques to facilitate an optimized patient experiem

A Strong Bond with Patients is Key

Developing a strong provider-patient relationship is crucial to elevating the patient experience. We at Communicatient are dedicated to educating healthcare organizations and providers how to use psychology to better connect and motivate patients.

Patient Experience Education

Communicatient partners with healthcare organizations to provide weekly short animated videos on how to improve the patient experience. Each video highlights a psychology principle, a practical application, and a call to action for providers. We also have an extensive library of patient experience animated videos on motivational interviewing, behavioral science, social psychology, the DISC Assessment, and motivational psychology.

Sample Videos