Our Mission

Communicatient is on a mission to teach healthcare providers how to better communicate with patients. 

Communicatient partners with healthcare organizations to provide live workshops and recorded videos that address key elements necessary to elevate the patient experience. Some of the topics we focus on include Patient Experience Skills, Burnout Prevention, Emotional Intelligence, and Psychological Safety. Our education is creative and unique.

Ari Ginsberg, PT, DPT, MSIOP

Ari Ginsberg is the founder and CEO of Communicatient. Ari is a passionate and engaging presenter with a unique educational background. He is both a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. His expertise in both fields allows him to draw from clinical experience as well psychological theory when presenting to colleagues in healthcare on burnout prevention, patient experience, and emotional intelligence. Ari has worked with many organizations and provided education for organizations like Medbridge, the American Congress of Rehab Medicine, the New Jersey Physical Therapy Association, the Michigan Occupational Therapy Association, Education Solutions, LLC, Redefine Health Education, HOMECEUConnection, and PT Management Support System. Ari has also guest lectured the Touro University DPT program, the Seton Hall University DPT program, and the Dominican University of NY DPT program. He looks forward to sharing his insights with you!

Why Choose Us?

  • Communicatient uses an innovative strategy based on psychology to educate providers on how to optimize the patient experience.
  • Communicatient has a wealth of experience providing education to many healthcare organizations with positive data and outcomes.
  • Communicatient is passionated about working with healthcare organizations to improve patient experience metric in the present and in the future!